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    WRAITS 2008

    WRAITS 2008: 2nd Workshop on Recent Advances on Intrusion-Tolerant Systems, April 1st, 2008 (in conjunction with the European Conference on Computer Systems – EuroSys 2008).


    The 2nd Workshop on Recent Advances on Intrusion- Tolerant Systems aims to bring together researchers in the related areas of Intrusion Tolerance, Distributed Trust, Survivability, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, and Resilience. These areas have the purpose of enhancing the Dependability and Security of computer systems by tolerating both malicious faults (attacks, intrusions) and accidental faults. The workshop will be specially interested in “intrusion-tolerant systems”: how to build them? How to evaluate and test their dependability and security? What systems need to be intrusion-tolerant? The workshop will provide a forum for researchers in these areas to present recent results, discuss open problems that still need research, the steps that need to be taken for intrusion-tolerant systems to be deployed in practice, and the target application domains for intrusion tolerance.

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